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Send our love to meet it! - Autumn's bachelor party at the Communist Youth League-威尼斯人


    Autumn symbolizes beauty, a symbol of reunion, in order to allow the company the majority of single young people feel warm and festive, into the hair from the bath to the warmth of family, September 9, the company organizing the Communist Youth League in the aircraft industry into a fat Moonlight "moon cake to send to send blessing, "and Youth Mid-Autumn Festival party. List of nearly 300 young people participate in the body, activity in young people get a good response.

At 3:00 p.m. on September 9, activities in the owner Dragon Villa Park kicked off. In order to break the single young people are not familiar with the situation between each other, ice-breaking activities in the Garden is an essential part of the link. Young people were divided into 10 teams participated in the folder marbles, N a gesturing a guess, blind lame to cross the river, straw teaser, war chariot five projects. These activities allow everyone in a relaxed and fun atmosphere to spend a pleasant afternoon in time, but also enhanced mutual understanding.

Deputy Party Secretary, trade union chairman Yan wave came in the afternoon the party scene, watched the whole event. Dinner held at 6:30, Yan Shuji behalf of the company leadership to send a single young people and bless the Mid-Autumn moon cake.

7:30 pm, the highlight of a single party, "made love as we meet it in the" friends chain of activities, the whole event to a climax. 15 beautiful young girl came to power, respectively, to show its own unique charm, in several aspects of the exchange, the final 11 of the requirements of girls and boys holding hands in line with their own success. Activities a resounding success, attracting not only young, single unit, a unit outside the woman watching the process also offered to send the youth and adult interaction, enrolled in the intimate activities.

Towards the end of the party, the host Wulong Fei to give us a "surprise", a romantic atmosphere by night, his site to his girlfriend, the whole audience was deafening, "to marry him, marry him," the voice in Ma Ning solemn nod, the audience responded with warm applause, the party has been pushed to another climax.

The activities, reflecting the company's humanistic care of young workers, into the hair to create a good family atmosphere, cohesion and stability of the young workforce has played a positive role young people have also demonstrated positive, healthy optimism style.

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