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Ben is the ideal firm will unyielding faith-澳门威尼斯人www777cm下载







    Jinggangmycin trip, listening to talk about and watch the scene, watching scenes, a myriad of thoughts. Red uniforms experience, sworn to Martyrs, go pick the food trail Zhu Mao, interact with the descendants of the martyrs, touched deep. Famous songs, singing team songs, sing the national anthem, the Internationale, imagination, feeling endless. Less than systems thinking, only the following experience:

First, the country is the people's struggle and countless martyrs blood. The establishment of the party from 2021 to the Nanchang Uprising, from the Revolution failed to Jinggangshan, from five anti-siege failed to Red Army, visited the mountain from the Zunyi Meeting grass, eight-year war to three years from the liberation war, countless martyrs shed blood, bloody red, magnificent, with tens of millions of sacrifices of the People's Republic. Country hard-won, hard-won happiness. Therefore, we should love our party, love our country, love our happy life, cherish life, Love, study hard, work hard and make greater contributions.

Second, the ideals and beliefs of their own firm, unshaken, is the party of the party's basic requirements. In the oath to join the party, the "struggle for life", "never betray the party," these words are not holding a fist one to say it all. During the revolutionary war, joined the Chinese Communist Party is a very dangerous thing, this is real reality. The first failure of the Revolution, Communist Party members were arrested a would kill one, then it means that any party to face danger, ready to sacrifice themselves to face torture and unyielding in the face place of execution never betrayed the revolution. Think about those of us in peace to join the Chinese Communist Party comrades, if the party needs them to perform tasks when facing death, can do "struggle for life", "never betray the Party" do? I can not believe that most can do so. So, never doubt the power of ideals and beliefs. Belief is a human soul, the soul of a nation. Many party members must be party members, especially education of young, revolutionary ideals, beliefs, particularly to Jinggangshan, to the Central Soviet Area to receive education. Members of the revolutionary ideals of the young and firm conviction that education is imperative thing.

Third, the party should remain forever young, forever govern long-term and must maintain its advanced nature. The world is playing down the Communists, and always to long-term power, out of the feudal dynasty, the so-called "cycle" and avoid "has its xing Yan Bo, the decline has suddenly Yan" of the cycle, must address the five building: namely, " strong focus on strengthening the ideals and beliefs as ideological; to create high-quality party members and cadres to focus on strengthening organizations; to maintain the party's close ties with the masses to focus on strengthening the work style; to improve democratic centralism and to focus on strengthening institutional building; to improve the system for punishing and preventing corruption focus on strengthening anti-corruption. "This is Jinggangshan party building in the new situation inherit and carry forward.

Fourth, fame and fortune, and selfless dedication is a revolutionary essential quality. In Jinggangshan, listening to the stories moving Zeng. She joined the party 26 years, 27 years to catch up with Hunan's "Race Day Incident" massacre, several survived. Participate in Shonan riots, to participate in the Jinggangshan defend huangyangjie, to battle a large cypress, Gutian Conference, life in the hard, rough and bloody spent. After the liberation, has served many important leadership positions, how high, but always keep the Communists and simple style, the style of selfless dedication to the party's policies and principles as his own life, his own son will always remain in the Jinggangshan when farmers , after the death of his own half left in the ashes of the Red Army Martyrs Jinggangshan next. Her tear-jerking story. The war years, it is hard dedication, blood and lives. Peace-building is the need for more people's wisdom and dedication to his life dedicated to the construction effort.

Fifth, listen to stories felt well Ganglie Shi

Join the party for decades, never thought of danger.

Jinggangmycin Zhonghun shake the soul, vowed to face the gates of hell.

Ben ideal firm will, for the faithful and unyielding faith.

Day of crisis, utter devotion to go to the national crisis.

Sixth, listen to stories felt Zeng

Zeng deeds of the most moving, awakened by the revolution and later people.

Burst into tears listening to talk, to send students moving together.

Go through fire and revolution, the powerful body is clean.

Adhere to the principles of policy talk, son put the rural areas.

Life struggle calendar suffering, both loyal bone .

Seoul generation leather face wash first heart, spirit Jinggangmycin touch the soul.

Life if the afterlife, the heavy man reborn.

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