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The company won the national "2010 Outstanding Organization Award National Fitness"-威尼斯人娱乐网址大全


    Leadership in the company's attention and active participation of the staff, the company won the State Sports General Administration issued the "2010 Outstanding Organization Award for fitness activities," and informed recognition across the country.

     2010, the State Council approved the establishment of "National Fitness Day" in the second year, is also the first Games held in the aircraft industry was. The company "National Fitness Day" and AVIC Games as an opportunity to broad range of practical sports activities to encourage and guide the staff to actively participate in physical exercise, increasing fitness awareness, develop good exercise habits, formed a company-wide atmosphere of good physical exercise.

     In 2011, the company will be carried out in various sports activities last year, based on a more systematic and comprehensive manner to carry out various sports activities, sports activities, deep into the production of the staff of life, in order to improve employee fitness, and promote harmonious and rapid development company purposes.

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