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"Miss Grand" premiere Chengdu, "the father of aviation engines," the story moved the audience-澳门威尼斯人提款失败


"As a Communist, Miss Grand overall situation, he insisted that the spirit of fighting to the last minute it touched people, people today are worth learning, so we understand that life is most important is dedication rather than taking", July 6 , director Tie bring the movie "Miss Grand" creative staff appeared Chengdu, Chengdu Wangfujing Studios in the premiere, said he quite touched. Day, the Sichuan Provincial Committee, Publicity Minister Huang early, Vice Governor Li Chengyun attended the premiere, and with the Deputy General Manager of China Aviation Industry Development Corporation building and into the chairman and general manager Mark Chan started with premiere. Sichuan Television News Channel live coverage of the premiere.

The premiere of Chengdu into the hair by the companies. Deputy General Manager of China Aviation Industry building in his speech pointed out that Chengdu is an important industrial base in the aviation industry, the development of the aviation industry has long been the strong support of provincial and municipal leaders, creating a leading enterprise in the engine and make people proud of the air Silver Eagle . He hoped that the enterprises in Sichuan Airlines should learn the spirit of Miss Grand translated into practical action, to stimulate more loyal dedication to the aviation industry employees, for the aviation industry development and local economic development and make greater contribution. Party secretary Sun Yanfeng said in his speech, as the Corporation will further inherit the Miss Grand indomitable will and fighting spirit, courage to assume responsibility and mission entrusted by the times, gathering strength, the initiative as aiming at the world, catch up, from a "catch up" to "hold a candle" by leaps and bounds, and ultimately achieve "parallel", "leading the world" status, to seize the great development of China's aviation industry a good opportunity for the revitalization of aero-engine industry, and make unremitting efforts. To express gratitude to the crew of the film, Mr Chan on behalf of the film into a creative staff of the Corporation presented to the aero-engine model.

"Grand Wu on the screen, not a heroic image of the traditional higher grade, but by living and working in a small bit to see big." Tie the director and other creative staff shared with the audience in Chengdu film-making experience. The movie, Wu Grand hearty laughter, a child-like excitement when the test successful, strategic choices facing the country regrets the pay, the air pure and noble portrayal of scientists was rigorous, the "father of aviation engines" as the cause no regrets dedication, firm attachment to the story moved many viewers.

"Mr. Wu's life is not easy, his life belongs to the motherland, is a true party of scientists, our young people to learn this spirit, at least to be a useful person to the country," Forging the young members into the hair Tangqing Wei said. Into the development of young designers Technology Center Li Hui Zi is the most moving, the film Mr. Wu and manufacturing controversy when blurted out the phrase "That's my life!", "He is dedicated to the pursuit of technology for their ideal is upheld, always knowing that they are impossible, difficulties Shiyou overall situation, he is very hearty laughter, even knocked over setbacks, but also to face with a smile, "This kind of career commitment and peace of mind is worth the difficulties of young technicians to savor. And Employment in the 64-year-old retired teacher who is off to see the movie and more like their parents in the review of the past, "Miss Grand has two no regrets in life, do not regret to give up the foreign privileged life and future, no regrets of aircraft engines. he did not name not for profit, for his love of his life fighting the cause of our age in less than two-year-old picked up the baton into the parent plant, and it has done for life, we do not regret it. " .

Chengdu Committee, Municipal Committee Chairman, as well as provincial party secretary Tang Chuanping National Defense Industry Office, the Municipal SASAC, Chengdu Military Representative Bureau, Chenghua, New Town District, Mill and military representatives in the aircraft industry enterprises in Sichuan charge attended the premiere, part of the company employees attended the premiere. The premiere attracted a television station in Sichuan, Chengdu TV, Sichuan Daily, Chengdu Daily, Chengdu Evening News, the Chengdu Business Daily, WCC and other provinces and cities than the mainstream media coverage.

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